The Agricultural Cooperative B of Chalastra was founded in 1947 by a group of local producers with the purpose of economic, social and cultural development, within a common enterprise based on equal cooperation and the members’ mutual aid. Through the years, the development of rice cultivation in the area has promoted the development of the Cooperative, which has grown, not only in terms of facilities. but also in memberships.



  • 1947    Foundation of the Agricultural Cooperative B of Chalastra
  • 1979    Construction of the first drying plant and two 1000 ton silos
  • 1983    Construction of four 1000 ton silos
  • 1989    Construction of two drying plants and twelve 1000 ton silos
  • 1993    Construction of one drying plant and twelve 1000 ton silos
  • 1997    Construction of twelve 1000 ton silos
  • 2007    Construction of six 1000 ton silos


Today, there are four drying plants and forty-two 1000 ton silos overall in our facilities, while the number of members amounts to more than 500 and is considered the top Cooperative in its field in Greece.